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Antique Wind-King Lighter

Wind-King Lighter

The Wind-King is an early 1940's "chromium foxhole lighter", made by Myron Gray, New York, N.Y. We have two one none available, both in their original boxes and never used. Each includes lighter, two extra wicks and 15 flints; however, the flints were in tiny, cork-stoppered glass bottles (as shown in photo), and in one (now sold) the bottle is unopened but the flints have turned to powder, and in the other the bottle is broken and there is no flint or powder.

From the box, which is showing its age: DIRECTIONS The WIND-KING lighter needs no fuel—it is the wick that burns! All you have to do is to char the top of a new wick once by applying a match to it. After that, all that is necessary is to raise the wick within range of the spark wheel—about 1/4 of an inch—and turn the spark wheel. Presto! It ignites. To extinguish, pull the wick down thus cutting off the air, and the wick ceases to burn. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Condition: Good. Quantity available: 0

* Make An Offer! SOLD
Offers received and rejected:
$15.00 for both, $20.00 for both
Offers accepted Both Lighters Sold - $20.00 ea. + S&H.

* NOTE ABOUT OFFERS: We give serious consideration to all offers received, but reserve the right to refuse all offers.

Offered on consignment by Arden Services.

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