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Retail Sales: Arden's General Store was established in 2002 to assist us in selling a considerable collection of new, like-new and used merchandise that was formerly sold at our store—The Village Emporium. Although we continue to provide consulting services, as described next, we also continue our Internet sales of new and used merchandise, books, collectibles, knickknacks, hobby items, and more. We even accept consignment items from reputable sources to include in the wide array of offerings at Arden's General Store.

Storefront of our former store which was the source of much of the merchandise now offered at Arden's General Store.
The Village Emporium

Consulting: Arden Services was established in 1996. This is an updated service, very similar to the editorial services previously provided (see below), that was altered to provide primarily on-line service via the Internet, that is a "virtual business conducted through TeleContracting.*"
     We provide Web-site hosting, Online Shopping Cart (E-commerce), and Domain Name registration. We develop, write, design and maintain Web sites for clients, and we added a real estate advertising service in 1998, Area Real Estate for™. Area Real Estate for Sale is an electronic property guide on the Internet. Contact us for details to participate in or advertise on this service.
     From August 2000 through August 2002, we provided these services from our retail location where we also sold a variety of new and like-new merchandise at The Village Emporium.
     In 2002, after closing The Village Emporium, we opened Arden's General Store online to allow us to continue selling the inventory from The Village Emporium, from consolidating two households, and with items taken on consignment from trusted sources..
     In 2012, we celebrated over 30 years of providing writing, communication, promotional and production services to the business community--locally, nationally and internationally.

Consulting & Retail: We established a new business--Johnson Editorial Services--in Kane, PA, in 1987. The business grew in its first two years from providing a consulting service for writing, editing, designing and producing printed materials to a store-front business offering these same services plus office and computer support and supplies.

Consulting: Arden Enterprises was established in suburban Washington, DC, in 1981. Arden Enterprises provided publication production services that included writing, editing, designing, producing and distributing seminar announcements, seminar manuals, client reports, and many other printed materials. We wrote computer programs in Basic and spreadsheet programs, and integrated Basic, spreadsheet and word processed data files.

Visit our owner's Personal Home Page, Welcome to My World.

* The term "TeleContracting" was coined by Nick Casale, Legacy Data Systems. See the story regarding this at our owner's personal pages.

Friday, August 17, 2012
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