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Domain Name Available

Arden Services established Area Real Estate for Sale on the Internet in October 1998 using the Domain name™ is a trademark of Arden Services.

Most major search engines bring up, since it was registered with many, has been provided with adequate key words to be found by many more, and has been continuously in operation since 1998.

With the proliferation of "something dot com" and the unavailabilty of shorter names in the most widely recognized "dot com" arena, is highly desirable--especially in the "Area Real Estate" context--but also because it is short and easily remembered. The letter combination could be suitable for many other applications other than real estate, as well.

Although significantly more valuable, we are offering the Domain name for sale at $1,995. A transition period of approximately two weeks will be required after the sale to effect the transfer of ownership and to disassociate the Domain name from our sites and other Domain and server structures.

Interested and qualified inquiries should be directed by mail to: Arden Services, 303 Elk Ave., Kane, PA 16735.

Friday, August 17, 2012
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