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Antique Rosary

Antique Rosary
Antique Rosary Antique Rosary Antique Rosary Antique Rosary

This Rosary is probably over 100 years old. It belonged to one of my ancestors, but I do not know which one. Neither I nor my family is Catholic, so I do not know a lot about Rosaries other than what I was able to learn doing searches on the Internet.
     The medal has an adult head of the Virgin Mary on one side (left small picture), and the head and partial body of Christ with a cross on the reverse (center small picture).
     The "necklace" part of the rosary is 22" long, 11" in double. The entire Rosary is 17" long. The Crucifix is 2", the medal is 1/2", and the beads are approximately 6mm. The chain, metal and Crucifix appear to be tarnished silver, but I cannot say for certain what the metal is. The beads my be gutta percha or wood (I do not know). I am not sure, but I think the larger beads are called "pater beads". This Rosary has a total of 54 beads, six of which are pater and are capped on both sides (right small picture showing two of them).
     I estimate the age because it was in my mother's property at the time of her death at age 88. Neither her mother nor father were Catholic, so I assume it belonged to one of her grandparents or great-aunts or great-uncles, and probably came into my mother's possession when her mother died about 1918.

Condition: Antique

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