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Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle Sticks

We have a selection of swizzle sticks for your bar or your collection.

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Bartender's Stirrers #A0503

#A0502: Variety of following 18 stirrers
American Airlines Pennant - 6-1/8". Quantity available - 2

American Airlines "Oar" - 6-1/8". Quantity available - 1

Amtrak - 6". Quantity available - 5 (various shades of blue)

Friendly Skies - 5-1/2" (Chicago, no idea what's on one side; Hawaii, pineapple on one side; San Frandisco, cable car on one side). Quantity available - 3 (1 of each)

Friendly Skies - 4-1/2" (Hawaii, pineapple on one side; New York, Liberty's head on one side; Rockies, bucking bronco on one side; San Francisco, cable car on one side). Quantity available - 4 (1 of each)

United Airlines Royal Hawaiian - 6-1/4". Quantity available - 2

Who's It? - 4-1/4" (Can't remember whose logo this is). Quantity available 1 1

SOLD Price for variety of 18 stirrers: $8.00 for all 18 (does not include Bartender's Stirrers) - Plus $1.25 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only.

SOLD Bartender's Stirrers

Thirty "generic" Bartender's Stirrers in original, unopened package c1970. Collectible retro item, or use them over and over--they're easy to wash. "Gigi" brand, originally sold by Clinton Manufacturing Inc.

Quantity: SOLD

Condition: Package never opened

Price: $2.50 - Plus $1.50 Shipping & Handling via First Class Mail to U.S. Addresses.

SOLD #A0503: Bartender's Stirrers

Offered by Arden Services.

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