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Cat Care Pamphlets


10 Cat Care Pamphlets

Each pamphlet is 5" x 8" with 8 pages including front and back covers. Each contains about 4 pages of text with photos or drawings discussing the topic addressed, and each contains several Purina advertisements. All are © 1983 13-30 Corporation.

  • Living With Your Cat Understanding Your Indoor Cat—Covers Confinement Stress, Scratching, Declawing, Heights, a Second Cat, and more.

  • Special Care for Cats Grooming For Good Health—Discusses Bare Necessities, Brushing and Combing, Care and Condition, Choosing a Groomer, and more.

  • Your Cat's Health Preventing and Handling Common Emergencies—Treating Common Injuries, Basic First Aid Techniques, and even covers mouth-to-mouth respiration and heart massage.

  • Living With Your Cat Training the Temperamental Cat—Covers Aggressive Scratching and Biting, Constant Crying, Fighting, Litter Problems, and basic training.

  • Your Cat's Health What You Should know About Neutering—Suggests when to neuter, explains spaying and castrating, and discusses potential complications.

  • Special Care for Cats Traveling With Your Cat—Hints for travel by car and plane. Covers overnight stays and health requirements, using a kennel instead of taking the cat, and an undoubtedly outdated price guide.

  • Living With Your Cat Easy Ways To Housetrain Your Cat—Just what you'd expect; Litter Pan, Scratching, Off-limits Areas, and something you might not expect "Housbreaking the Owner"!

  • Special Care for Cats Looking After Your Pregnant Cat—The First Few Weeks, Preparing for the Litter, Delivery, After the Birth, Troubles Guide, Registering Purebreds, and Telling the Kittens Goodbye.

  • Your Cat's Health Getting Rid of Parasites—Fleas, Worms & Mites. Has a couple of smudges on the front cover.

  • Your Cat's Health Why and When Your Cat Needs Vaccinations—Explains common illnesses, and discusses vaccines. It has one page for the cat's medical record; however, this was used personally, but can serve as a good guide for you as to what treatments are necessary, which have been given and when. This pamphlet is a little more thumbed than the rest.

    Condition: Most Like New, except as noted above.

    Quantity available: 1 set of 10

    SOLD Price for all 10: $7.00 - Plus $1.95 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only.

    Offered by Arden Services.

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