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Early & Ancient Science Series

Early & Ancient Science Series
#A0105 (All 7 books)

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Science in Ancient Egypt #A0105A Geraldine Woods 1998 by Geraldine Woods
Science in Colonial America #A0105B Brendan January 1999 by Franklin Watts
Science in Ancient Mesopotamia #A0105C Carol Moss 1998 by Carol Moss
Science in Ancient China #A0105D George Beshore 1998 by George Beshore
Science of the Early Americas #A0105E Geraldine Woods 1999 by Geraldine Woods
Science in Ancient Greece #A0105F Kathlyn Gay 1998 by Kathlyn Gay
Science in Early Islamic Cultures #A0105G George Beshore 1998 by George Beshore

Each of these glossy paperbacks contains 62 pages, measures 8"x9-1/4", and is amply illustrated. Each also contains Internet URLs pointing to sites containing more information on the book's topic.

From the cover of Science in Ancient Egypt: "Science finds its origins in the world's earliest civilizations. With just the simplest of tools, the ancient Egyptians designed and built the pyramids, magnificent structures that continue to capture our imaginations. The Egyptians also created systems for counting and measuring. They even knew how to measure the passage of time and developed cures for many common ailments and injuries. The discoveries made by ancient Egyptians have helped shape the world we live in today."

New, retail $8.95 ea.

SOLD Purchase any one for $6.95 + $1.50 S&H, or buy all seven for $39.95 w/FREE S&H and save $8.70 and S&H.

Offered by Arden Services.

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