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General Electric 17.5" Wall Clock Model 2915

General Electric 17.5" Wall Clock Model 2915

Now here's an interesting idea—great for work area, garage, large den or rec room, or for visually impared person. This 17.5" diameter GE wall clock looks like new. It is easy to read from a long distance. It is an electric analog clock with a sweep second hand, and an automatic indicator to show if there's been a power failure. The power-failure indicator is the white dot in the "V" of the hands shown in the bottom photo. When the power goes off, the dot shows red and is reset to white when the power comes on and the time is adjusted.

Clock has a heavy-duty, dark brown plastic case backed by a metal plate in which the movement is mounted. The face is covered by heavy glass. There is a wall hanger on the back. The only thing wrong with this clock is the stem, which drops below the number 6. It is supposed to have a knob on it, but that's gone. The missing knob could probably be replaced, but without the knob you must use a pair of pliers to reset the time.

In researching this clock, I found that its model number indicates that it was made after 1960 and probably before 1973. The Techron company patented the alternating current clock motor and sold the best electric clocks for years. General Electric purchased Techron, and sold clocks with the Techron name, General Electric Techron, and simply General Electric.

Condition: Like-new (see comment above, and there is a dead bug inside the glass cover—how it got in is anyone's guess, and how to get it back out would be a puzzle, too.)

Quantity: 0 available.

SOLD! Price: $35.00 - Plus $12.00 Shipping & Handling via Priority Mail. Note: This is heavy. If you live in or near Pennsylvania, contact us before ordering and we might be able to lower the S&H charge.

A consignment item offered by Arden Services.

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