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Green TouchTone® Wall Phone

Green TouchTone® Wall Phone
Green TouchTone® Wall Phones

Western Electric Model 2554BMP

See "Special Note" at bottom of this page re: Purchase at Your Own Risk.

SOLD Only one available.

This authentic Western Electric phone from Ma Bell was once the cat's meow. It has a push-button dial with tone dialing. Includes matching original stretch cord in good shape. Plugs into a phone wall outlet, not included, but the adjustable plug in the base is included. Also includes matching green wall plate.

Base: 8.3/4"L x 4"W x 3.5"H. Weight: 3.6 lbs.

Condition: The case is completely intact--no cracks or nicks, and other than the set itself needing polishing (residue of tape on handle, 911 sticker on base plate), the outside is in great condition. There is minor scratching where the mouthpiece touches the base. When cleaned, this should look and work like brand new! Includes its original matching stretch cord—and the cord is very clean. This was made when the USA made products that were made to last!

The light spots are reflections, not a discoloration on the phone.

This phone would have been purchased directly from the Bell Telephone of PA, has "Bell System of Pa Not for Sale" stamped in the base. Under the mouthpiece on the base is a sticker stating that it was sold by Bell on 3-17-83.

SOLD Price: $34.95 - Plus $10.90 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Addresses via Priority Mail.

#A0906 - Green TouchTone Wall Phone

SPECIAL NOTE: Purchase at your own risk! Normally, all phones we sell are tested and work perfectly when shipped, unless stated otherwise. I am unable to test this phone due to not having a way to plug it in, therefore, there is no guarantee that this phone works. If the phone you receive does not work for you when you plug it in, learn about phone polarity and Polarity Guards—we cannot be held responsible if your phone company's wiring or your in-house wiring has the polarity reversed. You have several options available to "fix the problem": You can switch the red and green wires in your house wiring or inside the phone, or you can purchase a Polarity Guard and place between your wiring and the phone. Returning the phone to us for a refund is NOT an option.

Offered by Arden Services.

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