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LS-120 SuperDisk™ 120mb Drive

LS-120 SuperDisk™ 120mb Drive LS-120 SuperDisk™ 120mb Drive
from Digital Research™


Model No. DRLS120.

  • Downward compatible with 1.44MB & 720KB floppies
  • Store 83 times the data of a 1.44MB floppy drive
  • Exceeds standard floppy speed by more than 500%
  • Fits standard 3.5-inch floppy drive bays
  • Perfect for backing up or transferring large files
  • Easy-to-install, ATAPI IDE compatible interface
  • DRLS120 Internal Drive
  • IDE Cable
  • Power Connector
  • 5.25" bracket
  • Mounting Kit
  • Driver Diskette
  • Manual
System Requirements:
  • DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, or Windows NT (or, now, Windows XP see for help if problems when installing)
  • Open 3.5" or 5.25" Drive Bay
  • Boot capability requires BIOS support for LS-120 drives
  • IMPORTANT: LS-120 diskette required for 120MB operation (no blank diskettes included)., NexTag and Disk-O-Tape, Inc. offer blank diskettes for sale as of March 11, 2006.
See Digital Research Online Installation Manuar & User's Guide.

Condition: Packed in original box. I had this installed in my HP (Hewlett Packard) 6050 computer. When its hard disk crashed, I had upgraded to a newer computer and removed this with the intention of installing in my new computer. However, since I had a second hard disk in the new computer, I decided not to install this LS-120. I rarely used it, and it was in working condition when I removed it from the HP, so I would classify its condition as excellent.

Quantity available: 0

NOTE: We have several links to off-site Web pages. We are not responsible for their content, prices, descriptions, etc., but offer them for your assistance should you purchase this LS-120 from us.

SOLD Price: $45.00 - Plus $8.50 Shipping & Handling via Priority Mail to U.S. address only.

Offered by Arden Services.

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