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Thousands of Playboy, Penthouse, High Society, Playgirl, Escapade, Hustler, OUI, and other magazines of that genre, dating from 1954, will be available on this site. Check back frequently.
Over 50 years of Playboy back issues, 1954 - 2006

Playboy Magazine May 1967

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Playboy Magazine May 1967 Playboy Magazine May 1967

Contents: Playbill; Dear Playboy; The Playboy Advisor; Playboy's International Datebook—travel, by Patrick Chase; The Playboy Forum; Playboy Interview: Woody Allen—candid conversation; Day of Good Fortune—fiction, by Rafael Steinberg; The late Show—attire, by Robert L. Green; The Sea Was Wet As Wet Could Be—fiction, by Gahan Wilson; My How Fast They Learn—article, by Stephen H. Yafa; The Grand Prix—sports, by Ken W. Purdy; Quarrel—fiction, by John D. MacDonald; The CIA—article, by U.S. Senator Stephen M. Young; Queen Anne—playboy's playmate of the month (Anne Randall); Playboy's Party Jokes—humor; Through A Glass—Darkly—food and drink, by Thomas Mario; Open Your Mouth—humor, by D.G. Lloyd and Larry Siegel; The Sonics Boom—article, by Max Gunther; Sylvan Sylva—pictorial (Sylva Koscina); Wise Child—fiction, by John Wyndham; The Golden Age Of Mobile Gastronomy—memoir, by Lucius Beebe; A French Lesson—ribald classic, by Margaret of Navarre; Very Cool For May—attire, by Robert L. Green; You May Well Wonder, Marty—fiction, by Karl Prentiss; On The Scene—personalities; Little Annie Fanny—satire, by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.

Quantity available: none

Condition - Very Good for its age—some scuff marks on front and back covers & one-inch tear at top of spine; inside pages are very slightly yellowing.

SOLDPrice: $25.00 - Plus $4.35 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only via Priority Mail.

Offered by Arden Services.

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