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Playboy Magazine: Back Issues 1977 - 2000

This page: January, February, April, May, June, July, September, October, November & December 1998
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All Magazines on this page SOLD!
This collection of Playboy Magazine back issues from 1977 - 2000 was placed on consignment. We perused every one, and all include the centerfold and all pages. Most can be classified as in original condition—I believe the original owner collected these for invesment, and most look like they've never even been read! (After listing these online I learned that the consignors had actually torn the shrinkwrap off most of these magazines before turning them over for sale! R. Arden Johnson) The few exceptions to condition are noted. Unless noted otherwise there is only one (1) copy of each issue available!


Playboy, January 1998 #JC0343
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Grant Hill—candid conversation; Rap At the Crossroads—article, Alec Foege; Boss Tweed—pictorial; The Wire Continuum—fiction, Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter; Grillin' & Chillin'—food, Bobby Flay; Kickin' & Clickin'—fashion, Hollis Wayne; The Battle of Khafji—fiction, Tom Paine; Sling Babe—pictorial; The Madness Begins At Midnight—travel, David Standish; Hamlet As Told On the Street—humor, Shel Silverstein; The Eleventh-Hour Santa—gifts; That Was the Year that Was—humor, Robert S. Wieder; Heather Sent—playboy's playmate of the month (Heather Kozar); Three Balconies—fiction, Bruce Jay Friedman; Digital Bash—electronics, Don Sutherland; MyStory—Bettie Page's Missing Years—interview, Kevin Cook; The Year In Sex—pictorial; Playboy Gallery: Kim Basinger; Seinfeld Forever—humor, Greg Gattuso; 20 Questions: Teri Hatcher; Playboy's Playmate Review—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0343: Playboy, January 1998. $15.00

Playboy, February 1998 #JC0507
     Contents: Cover Story—Dutch supermodel-actress-author Daphne Deckers; Playboy Interview: Conan O'Brien; Why Women Say Yes—article, Alison Lundgren and Tracey Pepper; Couch Tomatoes—pictorial; Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution Part VI: Something Cool (1950-1959)—article, James R. Petersen; The CEO of Margaritaville—playboy profile, David Standish; Our Hearts Belong To Julia—playboy's playmate of the month (Julia Schultz); Down In the Bahamas—fiction, Paul Brodeur; Playboy Gallery: Pete Turner; Bond's Little Black Book—article, Lee Pfeiffer; Playmate Revisited: Victoria Valentino; Out of Bondage—fashion, Hollis Wayne; 20 Questions: Paul Thomas Anderson; Bonding with Daphne—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0507: Playboy, February 1998. $10.00

Playboy, April 1998 #JC0344
     Contents: Money Matters, Christopher Byron; Playboy Interview: Joe Eszterhas—candid conversation; The Return of Casual Sex—article, Lori Weiss; Jody Watley—pictorial; Sinatra at Sunset—appreciation, David Halberstam; Spring & Summer Forecast—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Here Comes the Sun—grooming, Donald Charles Richardson; Playboy Gallery: Guido Argentini; Wheels '99—cars, Ken Gross; Holly By the bay—playboy's playmate of the month (Holly Joan Hart); Electronics '98—modern living, David Elrich; An Innocent Bystander—fiction, Gary Krist; Playboy Revisited: Monique St. Piere; The Year In Music; The Buzz; Brahms Bombshell—pictorial; 20 Questions: Keith Olbermann; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0344: Playboy, April 1998. $10.00

Playboy, May 1998 #JC0345
     Contents: The Playboy President—editorial, Hugh M. Hefner; Playboy Interview:Scott Adams—candid conversation; Bubba Bubble—humor, Arianna Huffington; Spice Girl—pictorial; Netmail—fiction, Brendan Dubois; Tiger At Play—portfolio, John Andrisani and Leroy Neiman; Make It Champagne—drink, Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan; Shirts and Ties—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Twenty-Five Things Guys Do Right In Bed—article, Chip Rowe; Our Ms. Brooks—playboy's playmate of the month (Deanna Brooks); Warp Speed—motorcycles; Bunny Memories—article, Kathryn Leigh Scott; Playmate Revisited: Veronica Gamba; Playboy's 1998 Baseball Preview—sports, Kevin Cook; Playboy Gallery: Burt Reynolds; Far-Out Pagers—electronics; Amazing Gracen—pictorial; 20 Questions: Ben Stiller; Capote's Final Cut—last words; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like New.

#JC0345: Playboy, May 1998. $13.50

Playboy, June 1998 #JC0346
     Contents: double-cover fold-out—The Babes of Baywatch; Playboy Interview: Paul Reiser—candid conversation; Nascar Rules—article, Geoffrey Norman; Fly Girl—pictorial; Dads & Grads—gifts; funny Girls—personalities, Lu Hanessian; Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution Part VII (1960-1969): Make Love Not War—article, James R. Petersen; The Underground Comics; The People Behind the Pill; Cuba Libre!—playboy's playmate of the month (Maria Luisa Gil); Shaq's Tracks—electronics, Beth Tomkiw; Playmate Revisited: Anne Randall; The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto—fiction, Mario Vargas Llosa; 20 Questions: Yasar Arafat; The Babes of Baywatch—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like New. #JC0346: Playboy, June 1998. $14.00

Playboy, July 1998 #JC0347
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Jerry Springer—candid conversation; Magic Johnson—article, Scott Howard-Cooper; The Newton Girls—pictorial; The Face of Death—fiction, Raymond Benson; Swimsuits—fashion, Hollis Wayne; 20 Questions: Craig Kilborn; Get Lost—electronics; Speed Seduction—article, Peter Alson; Driving Ambition—playboy's playmate of the month (Lisa Dergen); Rock's Book of Love—advice, Gavin Edwards; Ken Griffey Jr.—playboy profile, Tom Boswell; Secrets of the Swing—modern living, Larry Olmsted; Little Blue Miracle—article, Carl Sherman; "Put Mr. Spielberg On Hold"—article, Steve Pond; Playmate of the Year—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0347: Playboy, July 1998. $15.00

Playboy, September 1998 #JC0348
     Contents: Playboy Interview: Daniel Patrick Moynihan—candid conversation; Burning Man—fiction, Edward Falco; Our Chat Girl—pictorial; Swing's the Thing—article, Bob Sloan and Steven Guarnaccia; The Sweet Life of Ahmad Rashad—playboy profile, Craig Vetter; The Single Guy's Guide to Technology, Andy Ihnatko; The New Shelby—cars, Ken Gross; The Perfect Workout In 90 Minutes a Week—fitness, Peter Sikowitz; To the Moon, Vanessa—playboy's playmate of the month (Vanessa Gleason); Playboy's Pro Football Forecast—sports, Rick Gosselin; Little Annie Fanny—cartoon, Ray Lago and Bill Schorr; HDTV: The Bottom Line—electronics, Johathan Takiff; Nina Hartley Is the Smartest Woman In Porn—article, Chip Rowe; Playboy's Fall and Winter Fashion Forecast, Hollis Wayne; Got a Hunch? Bet It Wisley—money, Christopher Byron; Melrose Mom—pictorial; 20 Questions: Kevin Williamson; plus regular features.
     Condition: Spine split part way due to binding error, otherwise—Like new.

#JC0348: Playboy, September 1998. $10.00

Playboy, October 1998 #JC0349
     Contents: Cindy Crawford—cover story & 14 pages of nudes; Playboy Interview: Geraldo Rivera—candid conversation; Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution Part VIII (1970-1979): Joy of Sex—article, James R. Petersen; The Long Road to Roe vs. Wade; The State of the Union; An Eye for Beauty—pictorial; Dressed To Kill—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Great Train Robbery—fiction, Robert Coover; Porno for Tyros—chat, Steve Pond; Laura's Journey—playboy's playmate of the month (Laura Cover); Playboy's Pigskin Review—sports, Gary Cole; Gym Babes—fitness; Pop Culture—popcorn, John Mariani; 20 Questions: Tori Spelling; Eat My Shorts—money, Christopher Byron; Cindy—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0349: Playboy, October 1998. $18.00

Playboy, November 1998 #JC0350
     Contents: double-page fold-out cover; Sex In Cinema 1998—pictorial, text by Bruce Williamson; A Little Advance—college fiction winner, Karl Iagnemma; Playing the Odds At Online Casinos—article, Mark Hudis; Sex and Man At Yale—article, Mark Oppenheimer; Taylor Made—playboy's playmate of the month (Tiffany Taylor); Road Rage—playboy profile, Harry Jaffe; Jimmy Hoffa's Greatest Hits; Back To Campus Fashion—fashion, Hollis Wayne; Y2K: What's Really Going To Happen—money, Christopher Byron; 20 Questions: Dr. Drew Pinsky; Dave's Garage—cars, David Stevens; Girls of the ACC—pictorial; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

#JC0350: Playboy, November 1998. $15.00

Playboy, December 1998 #JC0351
     Contents: Playboy Interview: David Duchovny—candid conversation; The Last Man of Letters—fiction, Joyce Carol Oates; Inside the Playboy Mansion—article, Bill Zehme; The Secrets We Keep—article, Bruce Jay Friedman; Work Out Like Mike—fitness, Bob Condor; Phil Hartman's Guide To the Holiday Office Party—humor, Phil Hartman with Robert Crane; Racing the Savage Atlantic—adventure, Reg Potterton; Meteorological Mayhem!—article, Michael Parrish; Three's Company—playboy's playmate of the month (triplets Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm): It Is an Ancient Mariner—fiction, Ethan Coen; Playboy's Ten Best Dressed Men for 1998—fashion, Hollis Wayne; In the Company of Men: The Lost Scene, Neil Labute; The Clerk, the Girl and the Hand Job—profile, Stephan Talty; Sex Stars 1998—pictorial, text by Gretchen Edgren; Celebrity Christmas Carols—humor, Robert S. Wieder; Little Annie Fanny—cartoon, Ray Lago and Bill Schorr; 20 Questions: Gore Vidal; Using the Web—money, Christopher Byron; Fire & Ice—pictorial, text by Katarina Witt; Are You Tired of Your Girlfriend?—quiz; plus regular features.
     Condition: Like new.

SOLD!#JC0351: Playboy, December 1998. $20.00

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