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Return To Lonesome Dove

Return To Lonesome Dove
Return To Lonesome Dove
Set of 4 tapes

Jon Voight, Barbara Hershey, Rick Schroder, Louis Gossett, Jr., William and Oliver Reed star in this sweeping story of three ex-Texas Rangers. The story covers driving a large herd of wild mustangs from Texas through Indian country to Montana. There are fires, gun fights, Indian problems, cattleman association problems, and more. There is continuous action, romance, death, heart-tugging scenes, and more. If you missed this one on TV, here's your chance to own a like-new set of four videos, each in its own sleeve and a master sleeve to hold all four.

We preview videos before offering for sale. Viewing quality - Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The playback on my VCR/TV was perfect. I've read comments about others offered for sale at $14.98+, that came on 2 video tapes, and they say the viewing quality is poor.

Color, running time approx. 5 hours 30 minutes. © 1993 RHI Entertainment Inc. Rated: TV-mini series, no rating provided. ISBN 1-56202-582-1, 1-56202-583-X, 1-56202-584-8, 1-56202-585-6, Parts I - IV respectively

Condition: Like New, in box.

Quantity available: 1 set of four videos—Parts I - IV NONE.

SOLD! #A0737: Return To Lonesome Dove 4-video set - $15.00 - Plus $8.75 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only via Priority Mail.

Offered by Arden Services.

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