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Smith-Corona Grammar*Right System™ XD 6700 Typewriter

typewriter Smith-Corona Grammar*Right System™ XD 6700 Typewriter

Need a typewriter? Need one that does everything except the dirty dishes?

This Smith Corona has a 75,000 word SPELL-RIGHT dictionary--type a misspelled word and it beeps. The AUTO SPELL feature suggests the correct spelling. It has a 10-line memory! This amazing machine even has a Thesauras to suggest alternate spellings for misspelled words.

I've checked it out, and the typewriter and its features work. The case, and detachable carrying-case lid, look new. The only way you can tell that it is used is because about four of the letters are worn off, but they snap off and are replaceable, and you might still be able to get replacement keys.

It has a wide 12" carriage, and comes with a Prestige 10 printwheel, and two partially used lift-off carbon ribbons, and a lift-off correction tape.

The only drawback is there is no manual. :-) It has more features, but I do not even know what they are. It has a self-demonstration feature. I ran it long enough to print about one-half page, then stopped to avoid wasting more ribbon.

Estimated retail value $100+

SOLD!Price: Only $39.95 - Plus Shipping & Handling to U.S. address only. Contact us via email with your Zip code to determine exact S&H to your location. Shipping weight approximately 20 lbs from ZIP 16735. Insurance, available at extra charge, not required, but suggested or we cannot guarantee delivery.

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