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Kirby Split Second 2 Car Vacuum

split second Kirby Split Second 2 Car Vacuum

Do you really need a car vacuum that has all the bells and whistles and costs around $50.00? Probably not. Here's a great solution—a like-new Kirby Split Second 2 hand held vacuum. It's lightweight yet powerful to pick up all kinds of lint, dust and dirt. This belonged to my mother, but she rarely used it. I tried it today, and it works great! Has a permanent cloth filter, and dirt and dust accumulate in removable front half of the vacuum, as shown in the bottom photo.

High impact plastic body. The 16-foot+ cord plugs into your car's cigarette lighter (yes, there is a use for those things besides lighting cigarettes), and will reach even to the back of a van-type vehicle, or around to the trunk of a sedan. It's for use in a car only—it is a 12-volt appliance, and does not convert to 120-volt use in the home; but then, you're getting it for your car so it will be with you when you need it, right?

However, it does require that you paid the extra and got a cigarette lighter; that's the only way to connect it. Does not include any box or manual.

Condition: Like new. Quantity available: 0.

SOLD! Price: $15.95 - Plus $5.75 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Addresses via Priority Mail.

Offered by Arden Services.

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