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Zenith Allegro Multi-Brand Remote Control

Allegro MBC300PF

Why pay $200, $129 or even $15 for a multi-brand, multi-video remote control to control a bunch of equipment you don't have when you can get this one for just $5.00.

Control VCR, Cable and TV from this one device. Instead of cable it might even control your satellite device, but I'm not guaranteeing it. Comes with manual for both MBC300P and MBC300PF models and includes the codes for literally scores of TVs, Cable Decoders and VCRs. I checked it out on my 5-year old Toshiba VCR and Zenith TV and it works fine, even though the Allegro is closer to 8 years old. Requires two AAA batteries.

So, if it works, why don't I use it? I do not have cable or satellite or even an antennae! Once in a great while I rent a video, but the two separate remotes I have are not a hassle when I rarely play the two devices.

Condition - Very good.

Quantity available: 0

SOLD! Price: $5.00 - Plus $3.95 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Addresses via Priority Mail. For First Class or Parcel Post contact us via email to determine shipping costs and any other consideration.

Offered by Arden Services.

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