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Buffet Plate Set - Snack Plate Set - Luncheon Set

buffet plate Buffet Plate Set
Snack Plate Set
Luncheon Set
Plate and Cup Set

Entertain in style! Whatever you call these sets, and I've seen even more names than I used here, these pretty plate and cup sets will make your entertaining easy and classy. The oval-shaped plate, 11.25" x 6.75", is easy to hold and will easily hold a sandwich, dessert or snacks, and the "saucer ring" will keep the cup in its place. These are clear glass (who knows, maybe crystal?) but the unique glass-bubble effect for the grapes highlights the bunches of grapes design from reflected light. The cup is also crystal clear, but the design picks up reflections, apparently from anywhere in the room. Cup is 2.25" high with 3.5" diameter rim. Lovely!

buffet plate Condition: Like new. No chips, cracks or scratches. The cups have a tiny pink oval in the clear center on the bottom, which I assume was the original manufacturer's identification. One cup, now sold, oddly enough, had a grape leaf in the bottom center.

Quantity available: None (originally 8 sets—all 8 have sold)

SOLD Price: #A0079A - $6.00 for one set,
#A0079B - $11.00 for two sets,
#A0079C - $21.50 for four sets, or
#A0079D - $28.00 for six sets

Pennsylvania residents: PA sales tax is due on total of price + S&H.
If you are located near Kane, PA, you can save S&H by picking up your order. Contact us for details.

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