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Epson MX-80 Dot-matrix Printer

Epson MX-80 Dot-matrix Printer
Not exactly the most hi-tech piece of computer equipment, or the fastest, but has to be one of the most durable!

Uses parallel cable (not included) and connects to parallel (PIO) port in computer. Takes 8" wide (any length) continuous paper or labels with sprocket holes. Has built-in, detachable paper guide. Includes manual.

I have several ribbons that fit this, and will list them for separate purchase.

The MX-80 was a printer designed for use when computing was fun. The manual includes codes for all different kinds of printing optons. This workhorse of a printer was used as recently as about 2001 with a Pentium I computer. There is only one thing wrong with it. There are flip-down covers on the sprockets that feed the paper. One of those lost it's spring, and I've held it down with a jury-rigged paper clip. Otherwise, it worked fine the last time I used it.

SOLD Price: $15.00, or make offer - Plus Shipping & Handling to U.S. address only. (Note: This is a heavy printer. If interested in purchase, contact me and I'll weigh it to give you an idea of its shipping weight. Also, allow me a little extra time to find the manual before shipping, please. No doubt that I have it, just not sure where I stored it.) Insurance, available at extra charge, not required, but suggested or we cannot guarantee delivery.

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