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License Plate (auto registration) Collection

SOLD! License Plate (auto registration) Collection 1958-2001

I am offereing my collection of 30 license plates for sale as a collection—they are not available individually. For the Pennsylvania plates, there is only one of each because, since I got my first car, PA has only issued one plate for each vehicle. For DC (the District of Columbia), Maryland and New York, two plates are included but I only scanned the best (most likely the rear plate) of each set. Any outstanding defects are noted with the plate's scan. The year(s) given with the plates are the years I used them, not necessarily the only years the state used the same plates.

PA 1958-59 I am not a license plate collector as such. These are all but two of the plates I've had on my vehicles over the years. The reason I have them is that for most of my life, starting with this first plate (PA 1958-59), I intended to display them on the wall of my garage. The reason I'm offering them for sale is because I've never had a garage, and it is highly unlikely that I ever will have a garage. In essence, these are a record of where I lived for the past 50 years. This first plate is in pretty good condition although there are some scratches where the bottom bolts attached, and the lower right corner where some paint has been scraped off, as well as some other scratching here and there.

DC 1961
DC 1961 — minimal scratching
DC 1962
DC 1962 — minimal scratching
DC 1963
DC 1963 — minimal scratching, plates had a reflective background and this plate is not speckled as the scan makes it appear; however, the front plate has "splotches" on it, and I don't know if it's deterioration of the paint or something that could be washed off.
(1964 is missing, it was a DC plate #WJ 506) PA 1965-66
PA 1965-66; a large scratch above the "ia" in Pennsylvania
MD 1967
MD 1967; front plate has some scratching
MD 1968
MD 1968
MD 1969
MD 1969 — some scratching
MD 1970
MD 1970 — minimal scratching
MD 1971-75
MD 1971-75 — minimal scratching but some staining or rust is evident, and front plate is slightly bent.
MD 1976-80
MD 1976-80 — no scratches but both plates are badly speckled with rusty looking spots, and front plate is bent in several places.
MD 1981-86
MD 1981-86 — rear plate looks like it was never used, front plate appears to be just dirty.
Both this plate and the one to the right had the same "year stickers". The one with the red and white "86" went on one end of the vehicle, the one with the "11" and the black and white "86" went on the other end of the vehicle
MD 1981-86
MD 1981-86 — both plates look pretty good, the "Z" above is as dark as the rest of the letters, it's light because of the scanning process. One plate has severe marks where the bolts went through, and one is slightly bent. This set was for a MPV vehicle, standing for Multi Purpose Vehicle. I guess this would be called a SUV today (the plates were for a 1979 Scout).
PA 1987-88
PA 1987-88
PA 1987-92
PA 1987-92
PA 1993-94
PA 1993-94
NY 1995
NY 1995 — this rear plate looks good except for the top bolt holes with some wear, and the bottom right bolt hole is rusted. The front plate has minimal bolt hole wear, but is slightly bent and has some rust speckling.
PA 1996-2001
PA 1996-2001 — minimal scratching but some wear and rust around top bolt holes.



My PA 2002-2008 plates are still on my car.

SOLD! Price: $65.00 for the entire collection - Plus Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only. (Shipping weight estimated to be 12 pounds.)

To purchase, or for additional information, or to determine S&H to your location, email us at License Plate Collection Inquiry

Offered by Arden Services.

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