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Snoopy Tennis Wristwatch


Snoopy Tennis Wristwatch Snoopy Tennis Wristwatches

You get two Snoopy Tennis watches for one low price! The background of these stem-wind analog watches has a "bluejean's look": Snoopy is the center view; his one arm is the hour hand; the tennis racket in his other hand is the minute hand; and a tennis ball "floats" around the outside serving as the second hand. Both watches look fairly good, as does the Speidel expansion band on the one watch. Both would need polished, but are wearable as is.
     There is no indication whether the bezel is gold or gold-tone, although the back says "base metal bezel". The back is stainless steel. Around the bottom rim of the face is printed "© 1958 United Features Syndicate, Inc."; however, this does not mean the watch was made in 1958--it could have been in the 1960's or '70's.

Condition: Very good. They're easy to wind. One watch is in running condition, the other apparently needs a new main spring. Use the one for spare parts for the other, or get it fixed and have two good running watches.

Quantity available: SOLD! 1, which includes both a watch with a band and one watch without a band.

#JC0569: Snoopy Tennis Wristwatches (2). $35.00 plus $5.50 S&H via Priority Mail to U.S. address only.

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