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Oahu Diagram Method for Hawaiian Guitar
"A" Major Tuning

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Hawaiian Guitar Diagram Method Training Course and Music

SOLD Diagram Method Steel Guitar Course: #JC0543
Teach Yourself, or
Use for Teaching Others

Learn to play the Hawaiian/Steel guitar*. A nearly complete training program for the 6-string, single-neck steel guitar in the Diagram Method. When you've learned this one, moving up to an 8-string, 10-string or more complicated Steel guitar should be a breeze! We have a nice selection of sheet music at Steel Guitar Music.
     This is "Series B" from Oahu Publishing Co. This is a 60-lesson set, running from #1B to #60B. All are included here except 19B, 32B, 43B, 44B, 47B, 48B, and 51B which are inexplicably missing. The individual lessons and music are copyrighted from 1931 to 1951. Each contains a song, and most contain instructions. For example, Lesson 1B includes the song "Aloha Oe". Arranged by the Oahu Staff, words and music by Queen Liliuokalini. This publication is important for understanding all of the "Oahu B Series" music arrangements. Includes instructions for How To Hold Steel Guitar, Right Hand Position, How To Use Thumb Pick, Correct Position For Holding the Steel, How to Read Diagram Music, and a diagram of guitar with Names Of Principal Parts. ©1941 by Oahu Publishing Co.
     Each selection is printed on card stock paper, all are 6 pages long (cover + 5 pages)—8.5"x11", 3-hole punched. Condition of the Entire Set: Very Good to Like-New. Includes a "lie-flat", 3-ring binder for keeping your course clean, in order, and allowing the music to lie flat when open on the music stand.
     The back cover has a small photo of Queen Liliuokalni, and a story by E.W. McAdam discussing "Aloha Oe" and how the Queen came to write this and other Hawaiian songs. The back of each contains stories of the Islands, of the history of the music, and other information.
     If you do not have this type of steel guitar, you might have to do some searching on the Internet to locate one. I used Google, and entered the search terms "6-string", "single-neck", "steel guitar" and came up with some new ones along with modern varieties of steel guitars.
     We also have over 120 assorted popular songs from the 1910's-1960's arranged for piano available at Vintage Sheet Music , and even more, mostly from the 40's, 50's & 60's, at Collectible Sheet Music, some arranged for piano and some arranged for the accordion.

Included in this set (Series #, Music Title, Lessons):

  • 1B, (described above)
  • 2B, Nearer My God To Thee, Tuning Fundamentals for the Beginner & How To Tune To a Piano
  • 3B, Merrily We Roll Along, Melody and Accompaniment, How To Play the Accompaniment, Vibrato
  • 4B, Waltz Exercise, Solo Style Of Playing, explanation "What Is Melody?" (Also available singly)
  • 5B, Native Guitars, Exercises To Learn Fingering Of the Strings
  • 6B, Drowsy Lullabies, Picking The Third and Fifth Strings (Also available singly)
  • 7B, The Little Gray Mare & Where Has My Little Dog Gone?, Accompaniment From Chord Symbols, How To Find The Chords On Your Guitar, (Also available singly)
  • 8B, Near the Cross, Octave Chords, Accompaniment From Chord Symbols (Also available singly)
  • 9B, Home Sweet Home, Blending Of Strums, Angle Picking (Also available singly)
  • 10B, Waltz Of The Chords, Vibrato Effect—Tip Position, Bar Position
  • My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean & America, How To count Time
  • 12B, Hula Lullabies & My Darling Clemintine, Half Counts On The Third Beat, How To Count Time
  • 13B, Winter Joys, Fox Trot Time, Waltz Rhythm, Fox Trot Rhythm, How To Play The Accompaniment
  • 14B, Mahina Waltz, Two String Harmony
  • 15B, Bury Me Out On The Prarie, A Musical Quiz :-)
  • 16B, In The Sweet By And By, Double Bass
  • 17B, Merry Widow Waltz, Melody Slide
  • 18B, Red River Valley,First And Second Endings (Also available singly)
  • 19B, missing, not included
  • 20B, Chimes Waltz, Left Hand Harmonics, Harmonic Taps
  • 21B, Aloha March, Sight Reading Lesson
  • 22B, Silver Threads Among The Gold, Legato Style Of Playing
  • 23B, Hula Pick (Also available singly)
  • 24B, Long, Long Ago, Expression (Also available singly)
  • 25B, One Two Three Four, Slant Steel Position—1st & 3rd Strings
  • 26B, My Hula Lou, Slant Steel Position—1st & 2nd Strings
  • 27B, St. Paul Waltz, Alternate Fingering (Also available singly)
  • 28B, You Tell Me Your Dream, Accent (Also available singly)
  • 29B, Estudiantina Waltz, Teaching Points
  • 30B, Onward Christian Soldiers, Hymn Style Of Playing (Also available singly)
  • 31B, Sing Me "The Rosary", Half Count Bass Runs, Bouncing Basses
  • 32B, missing, not included
  • 33B, O Sole Mio, Tremolo And Ties (Also available singly—page 3/4 is photocopied)
  • 34B, Niihau (interesting story included), Technique, Exercises To Help Loosen and Stretch Muscles In Hands (Also available singly)
  • 35B, Blue Hawaiian Moonlight, Slides, Practice Excercise for Slides
  • 36B, Honolulu Sweetheart Of Mine, Teaching Point: Minor Chord Picking—1sr, 3rd & 5th Strings
  • 37B, Oahu Boogie, Boogie Woogie Patterns
  • 38B, Old Ohio Moon, Second And Fourth String Tremolo w/preparatory exercise
  • 39B, On Hilo Bay, The Break
  • 40B, South Sea Breeze, Half Count Glides (Also available singly)
  • 41B, Searching For You In My Dreams, Two Beat Triplet, Hula Slur (Also available singly)
  • 42B, Old Virginia Moon, (no specific lesson) (Also available singly)
  • 43B, missing, not included
  • 44B, missing, not included
  • 45B, My Sweet Hawaiian Rose, Musical Quiz (answers penciled in)
  • 46B, The One I Love Just Said Good-Bye, The Art Of Public Performance, Suggestions For A Smooth Performance
  • 47B, missing, not included
  • 48B, missing, not included
  • 49B, Honolulu, My Island Home, Reverse Steel Continued—apparently from the missing 48B) (Also available singly)
  • 50B, Down The Moonlight Trail Of Love, Hula Strum (Also available singly)
  • 51B, missing, not included
  • 52B, Mauna Kea, Hula Endings, Famous Hula Endings
  • 53B, Valse Bleue, Triplets (Also available singly)
  • 54B, Tesoro Mio, Triplets (appears to be same lesson as 53B with different exercises)
  • 55B, Just A Rose, Swing Music, Dixieland Rhythm
  • 56B, Springtime Polka, Polka Rhythm
  • 57B, The Jolly Coppersmith, March Rhythm
  • 58B, If You Were Only Mine, Left And Palm Harmonics (Also available singly)
  • 59B, Cheer Up Polka, (no lesson)
  • 60B, Rock Me To Sleep In My Rocky Mountain Home, Steel Technique (Also available singly)
*I believe you would need some musical training to understand this—for instance piano or guitar lessons, but nothing too deep. Also, after reviewing each of the lessons listed above to put these online, I came to the conclusion that these were intended to be included in a course with an instructor. I do not play the steel guitar, so I can only guess that enough is shown in each of these lessons to teach one how to play.

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