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Sick! Diseases and Disorders, Injuries and Infections

Volume 1 A to C
Volume 2 D to H
Volume 3 I to P
sick Volume 4 R to Z

Sick! Diseases and Disorders, Injuries and Infections
David Newton, Donna Olendorf, Christine Jeryan, Karen Boyden, Editors

Sick! Diseases and Disorders, Injuries and Infections presents the latest information on 140 wide-ranging diseases, illnesses, disorders, and injuries. Included are entries on familiar medical problems readers might encounter in daily life, such as acne, asthma, chickenpox, cancer, and learning disorders. Some rare and fascinating illnesses are covered as well, such as smallpox, hantaviruses, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (also known as mad cow disease).

Arranged alphabetically across the four-volume set, entries generally range from three to eight pages in length. Students will find the details they need for reports and other health-related assignments under the following standard subheads: definition, description, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention. A "Words to Know" box in each entry provides definitions or words and terms used in that entry. Sources for futrher study are provided at the end of each entry.

Sick! also fetures:

  • Sidebars highlighting interesting facts and individuals associated with the medical condition discussed.
  • Approximately 240 black-and-white photos, charts, and illustrations.
  • a 16-page color insert in each volume.
  • A comprehensive glossary at the beginning of each volume.
  • A general bibliography and a cumulative subject index concluding each volume.
© 2000 U•X•L, an imprint of the Gale Group. ISBN #s Vol. 1: 0-7876-3923-0, Vol. 2: 0-7876-3924-9, Vol 3: 0-7876-3925-7, Vol 4: 0-7876-3926-5

All books are new. Estimated retail value new: $160.00+. Used volumes, if available, selling for approx. $40.00 ea. Quantity available: 1, 4-volume set.

SOLD! Price for 4-volume set: Only $99.00 with FREE Shipping & Handling to U.S. Addresses via Media Mail.

NOTE: All books offered by Arden Services are new, unless stated otherwise, and were on disiplay on shelves for sale in a retail store.

Offered by Arden Services.

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