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Keuffel & Esser Co. (K+E) Slide Rule

Keuffel & Esser Co. (K+E) Slide Rule
Keuffel & Esser Co. (K+E) Slide Rule

I'm do not know much about slide rules; however, I can describe this one fairly well. The rule is 12½" long, and is perfectly straight—no warping, etc. It is made of some kind of heavy-duty plastic with chrome ends. The moving center slides easily, and the clear plastic guide is perfectly clear and slides properly as well.

Has number 4081-3 on the case and one tab on the rule, and number 429694 on a side of the rule and on the other tab.

Includes original, solid leather-covered wood case in excellent condition, and a little "How to take care..." manual with some instrucions. The Care manual is ©1944.

Condition: Excellent—only the slightest hint of a few very minor scratches are visible.

Quantity in stock: none.

$32.00 + S&H to U.S. address only.

SOLD #A0970: Keuffel & Esser Co. (K+E) Slide Rule - $32.00 - Plus $4.35 Shipping & Handling to U.S. Address only via Priority Mail.

Offered by Arden Services.

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