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It costs you nothing to discuss your ideas with us for a Web site.

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Your business is, well, "your business!" You sell a product or a service that probably has absolutely nothing to do with designing pages and maintaining sites. Why should you take time away from your business to take care of your Web site? After all, you do not print the newspaper that carries your print ad, and you do not broadcast the message that transmits your radio or television ad. Why should you do your own Web site when your time can be more effectively utilized in managing your business? Why hire a full-time employee to do the part-time work that is usually involved in creating and updating your site?

Let Arden Services take the burden from you, and create and maintain your Web site for you.

Our shared Server Systems are designed to help users maintain their own Web sites. However, we offer our Web Design services to anyone in need, and most users are too busy with their own business to worry about the finer points of Web-site design and maintenance. Choose the package with the features you want and you are off and running. Arden Services can have your initial site online within a few hours to a few days!

Our terms are reasonable and flexible. Design pricing starts as low as $35.00 per Web page. You do not need to commit to more service than you actually require. Contact us to discuss your plans, and we will make a proposal for meeting your goals. You may phone, write or e-mail us. There is no fee for the initial proposal.

Monday, February 19, 2007
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