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Arden Services has provided writing, editing and design services to a wide variety of clients since 1981. We have served organizations ranging from nationwide Mortgage Portfolio Consultants to Machine Shop Operator, and from Real Estate Agencies to Medical Information Systems Developer, and just about everything in between.

We now limit our writing and editing to Web sites. We can help you write the copy for your site, or edit the copy you have already prepared. A specialty is re-writing a brochure for good design and proper display on the Web. Our service is limited only by your imagination. To see some of our sites, browse to Example Sites.

Our electronic projects have included users' manuals (for both print and online use), help-on-line text, word-processed documents, Web pages and research. Our print projects have included business letters, seminar announcements, seminar manuals, and business development solicitation materials.

Our services have included original writing, editing, design and coordination with graphic designers, and coordination with printers, individually or in any combination of these steps. We have written, designed and uploaded Web pages. And, we have scanned and edited photographs for Internet use.

Our terms are reasonable and flexible. You do not need to commit to more service than you actually require. Contact us to discuss your plans, and we will make a proposal for meeting your goals. You may phone, write or e-mail us. There is no fee for the initial proposal.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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