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2 Best Practices to Follow When Working with Technical SEO

  1. Specify a particular domain

When you are setting up a blog or website, you need to mention your preferred domain. In this way, you instruct search engines of which domain you want to use all the time. A website is accessed with www by default and without it in front of a domain name. For instance, if your domain is google.com and both https://www.google.com and https://google.com can open your website. This can be okay for us but can be confusing for search engines because for them, they are two different websites. So as a result, you may face indexing issues, loss of page rank, and duplicate content issues too. To fix this, you need to set a preferred domain and inform the search engine about the same too. If technical aspects are too much for you to handle, consider hiring an SEO Singapore agency today.

  1. txt optimization

It refers to a text file that stays in the root directory of your website that provides instructions to Google to which webpages of your website can be crawled and indexed. It has a very simple format, and mostly, you don’t need to make any changes in it. What matters is you have to check and make sure that there is no kind of false blockings that will hamper the search engine crawlers from indexing your website.

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