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Five Must Follow Tips When Returning To Work After Quarantine

Congratulations to you for making it safe and being able to restart work at your office! However, there are some people who could not save their jobs and some who could not save their lives because of the impact of the corona virus pandemic. Lucky for you that you are not a part of that crowd and it is requested to not do anything which will make you a part of that crowd, because that place is ugly.

Now, you are restarting work at your office after a long time but are you aware of the risks associated with it? If no, then we have got them calculated for you and you must read these tips before you start working on your return to work strategy. Keep reading to know what you must do and what you must not to make sure you stay safe at the office.

Do not come to office if the need is not there

We get it that you are excited to rejoin your office after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. But, you must also understand that if there is no task for you at your office for a particular day, then you must not go there. It would be stupid to do that. Employers should also encourage this by asking their employees to take a day off or just keep working from home if they have completed their tasks for the week or they do not have any tasks for the day. By doing this, your safety and safety of those around you is ensured.

Keep a track of your health

Corona virus has caused all of us to get concerned about our health. If you are going back to your offices, then you must keep yourself updated with your health. If you have seen any symptoms like coughing, fever or cold, you must stay at home for a day or two and wait until you are certain about the status of your health. Measure your body temperature regularly and do not skip any kind of health check while entering the office. You must sanitize your hands as well. So that people you meet cannot point fingers at your Covid inappropriate behavior.

Wear a mask to protect yourself

The situation is slightly under control with the number of cases going down, but it does not mean that you can just skip all the necessary safety protocols. Especially if you are at work, you must wear a mask which can filter out the toxic elements present in the air and reduces the risk of getting infected at the same time. Wearing a mask not only protects you, but it also protects your colleagues who do not believe in the efficacy of wearing masks.

Do not sneeze and cough in open

A lot of people in your offices have been through a lot when the pandemic was at its peak, it would be highly insensitive to them if you cough and sneeze in open without getting a cover. It would also look ugly when someone from your team points it out for you and you will feel ashamed about what you have done. Covering your faces while coughing and sneezing is a good and wise thing to do. If you think that putting your elbow on your nose while you sneeze or covering your mouth with your hand is too much of an effort, then you must wear a mask. It will provide the required help.

Sanitize and disinfect the most touched objects

If there are a lot of people in your offices then there must be a lot of things which would be touched by them. So, it is important for you to disinfect every thing before touching it and after using it to make sure that none of your colleagues are open to the risk of getting infected.

Employers are trying their best to provide their employees the safest work environment when they return to their respective workplaces but sometimes that is not enough because even if minute, the chances of a person getting infected are still there. Therefore, your safety is in your hands when you start going back to work after quarantine.

The way you commute, the people you meet, the food you eat and everything that you do outside your home must be properly evaluated so that the risk of getting infected can be reduced. Returning to work also includes meeting your colleagues whom you have not seen for a long time, bit that does not mean you have to stay around them all the time you are free, that would be stupid and totally unappreciated. Therefore, you must try following the above tips before you get back to work.

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