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List Of The Best Data Analytics Companies In Singapore

Data analytics, as the name suggests is the activity of analyzing and studying the given data so as to draw conclusions out of the available information.

Here are some of the best data analytics companies in Singapore:

  1. Taiger Singapore

It is a globally known artificial intelligence company excelling in the automation of processes and simplifying tasks by the medium of performance-boosting.

  1. Fpt Asia Pacific

It holds a position in the list of the top 60 leading Information Technology (IT) companies of Asia; headquartered in Vietnam, the company is a subsidiary of FPT Corporation (FPT – HoSE)

  1. Dataspark

Dataspark is a leading mobility company that provides multimedia communication services across 22 countries serving more than 640 million customers worldwide.


Contrary to DATASPARK, TERALYTICS gives a precise insight into human mobility on the basis of data science, machine learning algorithms, and highly advanced technological systems.

  1. Ibm Singapore

Headquartered in Armonk, IBM SINGAPORE offers cognitive solutions and is a well-known cloud platform. they are the largest Consulting employer and innovation company in the world.

  1. Elsevier (singapore)

Science and health being the major specialties, Elsevier is an analytics company that delivers informational solutions related to these fields and subjects.


Moreover, Sas Institute, Advance Intelligence, Mobilewalla, Crayon Data, etc are other well known data analytics companies in singapore.

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