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Some Of The Different Uses For Facial Recognition Technology

Technology that can recognise faces can have many applications in this modern world that we live in, and most of them are good. However, it is possible to use this technology for nefarious means, which means that we need to be careful. Below you will find some of the different uses for the technology in use today, some of which you may not realise existed.

Recognising VIPs At Special Events

You will often find at live sporting events that the camera will pan to famous faces in the crowd, and this is done quickly by using face recognition technology. The algorithm scans all the faces at the event, and then when it recognises a famous one, it will highlight it to the system user, which can then pan the camera to them, so it appears on the television screens.

Diagnosing Diseases

It is also possible to use face recognition in diagnosing some diseases, with DiGeorge syndrome being one. It can detect people that have this disease with around a 96% level of accuracy. As technology increases, it can help diagnose more medical conditions and is proving to be an invaluable tool in the medical world. 

Protect Schools

You can also use the technology to help keep schools safe and ensure that nobody without permission can walk around campus. When someone who should not be there is found n the system, it can alert the school’s security so that they can remove them.

Track Attendance

You can also use facial recognition to track attendance, and you can use this in a school or other learning environment, or in a place of work. The system can recognise each face and make a log of when they attended, highlight absences to the people who need to know.

Security In Casinos

Facial recognition has been used in places like casinos for as long as the technology has been available. Casinos will ban people from their premises who they deem are capable of cheating or manipulating the system. As casinos are so big and have so many people coming and going the technology is invaluable to help keep out unwanted people.

Make Using ATMs More Secure

Many banks are also adopting facial recognition software to help ensure the security of ATM transactions. The banks use the technology to ensure that the account owner uses the ATM and will keep a record of any other people using the account for security purposes.

There are many other uses for facial recognition software, such as on your Smartphone, and the above are only a few of its uses. As technology increases, we will see many more uses for it being developed.

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