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Website Design: What Matters when Making an Impression

When people visit your site, it takes just a second for them to form an opinion about your site. Although your website can build credibility through testimonials, reviews, and a high-quality blog, your site makes the first impression based on what users can take in right away. To ensure your site makes a good first impression, take the following factors seriously:

Adequate Security

Users will only visit secure websites. You site connection must be upgraded to HTTPS as this shows it has the extra layer of encryption that protects user data from being misused or stolen.

Loading Speed

Those who visit your website expect it to load within 2 seconds; otherwise, they will abandon your site and visit another. Websites that load too long will lose traffic, gain fewer sales, and have reduced customer satisfaction. A web design expert should be able to help you with resolve this issue.

Mobile Responsiveness

Most online traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus, you need to make your site respond to devices with screens smaller than a computer monitor. Mobile responsiveness is a design style that allows a site to adjust styling based on the screen size of the device the user is using. If your website is not responsive to mobile devices, you will lose a big chunk of the internet population. In fact, a lack of responsive design will lower your ranking in search engine results pages.


Users also consider how a site appears when forming their decision on whether to stay or leave the site. They can immediately take in your site’s overall design, visual appeal, and aesthetics. If a user does not like what they see, they will decide to leave immediately and may not visit your site again. This means a possible conversion loss for your business. The best web design company will ensure your site has an attractive layout and content.

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